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Professional drone visuals

Photo and video of buildings, construction sites, events and marketing material from the sky

The Process

We take pride in supporting our clients

Sleek & Beautiful

What we do

- Inspections of buildings - Commercial and marketing - Inspections og agricultural fields - Videos for real estate agencies - Building sites inspections and surveys - Events - Aerial video on big screens

Sleek & Beautiful

What we focus on

The quality and safety of our work, is an imperative cornerstone in our company. We adhere to strict legislation in regards to drone/UAV flight and photo recording in Denmark. All of our drone pilots is trained and educated at some of the most prestige training facilities in the country. This means that, combined with our continued training programme for our pilots we are able to deliver you a drone video/photo product in the most safest and qualified way.

Sleek & Beautiful

How we do it

At AeroViz, we are well aware that our continous succes depends on our customers being statisfied with the service we provide. Their is no shame in saying that our customers have high demands, and we are evenly keen to meet these. It is a clear statement within the organisation that quality must be the priority over quantity. This is also the reason why you would never see AeroViz sending unexpected high invoices at the end of a project, just because some extra time went into making it just right.

Featured portfolio projects

One of many things we are engaged with

Sleek & Beautiful

Lufthavn - Airport

Special project, where aerial pictures where needed from inside airport with closed airspace

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Nordre Havnepromenade

Aerial photos of the incredible build at Nordre Havnepromenade in central Aalborg

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Aircraft Hanger

Aerial drone video shot as part of a documentary on Danish Television

Sleek & Beautiful

The Old Yard

Aerial drone photo used for production of showcase for the new luxury apartments at The Old Yard, Aalborg